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Commemorating the 10th Anniversary of the Ascension of Michael Jackson

Las Vegas Hollywood Magazine, aka LVH Magazine is an LVH Media Company which has been covering the famous Jackson Family of Entertainment for over 20 years. We have now organized our finest Writers, Editors, Photographers, Designers & Artists to Publish our greatest tribute to the beloved "King of Pop, Michael Jackson" within a Multilingual Series of Magazines to honor Michael.

LVH Magazine is a Music, Entertainment, Sports, Film, Fashion, Business and International Travel & Tourism Publication that has been dedicated to the presentation of top quality Global News Media Coverage for over two decades. It is with great honor and a great sense of celebration that LVH Magazine has set out to present to the World this eclectic series of Michael Jackson "Legacy of the Legend Tribute" Publications in several global languages. We are sharing Michael's epic Legacy to the World by publishing this Collectors Edition in English, French, Chinese, Arabic & Spanish with plans to publish more translations of the "Legacy of the Legend Tribute" in other intrested markets.    

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Pre-order your copy today and enjoy great memories of MJ while reliving your favorite Michael Jackson moments with never before seen images and personal family and friends stories of the "King of Pop" in this beautifully packaged new publication. We have set out to deliver our finest work in ongoing celebration, in honor and in loving memory of the greatest performing artist in the history of the World!    





Helping to Heal the World by Promoting Education, Global Peace, Love & Unity

The Jackson Family Foundation was legally established by the iconic Jackson Family Patriarch & Matriarch, Joseph W. Jackson & Katherine Jackson, soon after the tragic loss of their most famous child, Michael Jackson. The Jackson Family Foundation set out to not only preserve the epic legacy of Michael Jackson, and his World Peace Mission, but they also set out to preserve the epic legacy of the entire "Royal Jackson Family of Entertainment" with over 50 Epic Years on the Global Stage

For 9 years before his own June 27th, 2018 passing, Jackson Family Patriarch and Founder of the legendary Jackson 5, Joseph W. Jackson traveled the World over after Michael's June 25th, 2009 passing to establish relationships with Jackson Fans the world over promoting Peace, Love & Unity in honor of Michael's Heal the World Mission. Joseph and one of his best friends and his President of the Jackson Family Foundation, Simon Sahouri both traveled the Nation and the World building out what they both consider to be the "Jackson Family Foundation Global Partnership" even today.   

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The original "Official Jackson Family Global Partnership" ecompasses multiple Cities and Countries that include Gary, Indiana, Cannes, France, South Africa, Dubia, China, Japan, Viet Nam, Barcelona, Spain, Las Vegas, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, New York, New York, Akron, Ohio, Cleveland, Ohio, Chicago, and countless other Cities the World over. Joseph, Katherine, The Jacksons & Simon invite the World to Join Us!

About Michael Jackson Fans Club Social Network Tribute Site


MichaelJacksonFans.Club is a King of Pop Social Network Tribute Site

Thank you for visiting our MJFC Social Network & Tribute Site where we not only love Michael, but we love all of the Jacksons! Every true global Michael Jackson Fan knows that June 25th, 2009 was the fateful day that we believe Michael made his great spiritual ascension to paradise & returned to heaven. We are MJ Fans who don't concern ourselves about the skeptics, critics and the haters of Michael. This Social Network Tribute site is only for the "True Dedicated Fans" who realize that humanity was very fortunate and truly blessed to have been a witness to the greatest entertainer in the history of the world, Michael Jackson, The King of Pop!


The MJFC is Sactioned by the Official Jackson Family Foundation

The Jackson Family Foundation was legally established in 2009 by the great Patriarch & Matriarch of Michael Jackson and the entire legendary Jackson Family of Entertainment's parents, Joseph & Katherine Jackson. We are established in concert with Joseph & Katherine Jackson's global unifying and healing vision inspired by their sons and daughters lifetime commitment to promoting Global Peace, Love & Unity thru the Visual & Performing Arts. The MichaelJacksonFans.Club was created as a Social Networking & Marketing Arm to "Help Heal the World, to Promote Global Peace & to Preserve the Epic Legacies of Michael & his Jackson Family".  


The Time Has Come To Build Gobal Peace! Are You with Us?

With historic Grammy Award Winning Songs such as "We Are The World", "Heal The World" and "Man In The Mirror", Michael Jackson" was making a strong case for "Unifying Humaity Around the Causes of Global Peace, Love & Unity" in the most impactful way that humanity has ever seen. Michael Jackson began his "Lifetime Humanitarian World Peace Mission" from the very begining of his career with "The Mighty Jackson 5" Family of Entertainment. "The Time Has Come" to not only "Build Global Peace", but "The Time Has Come" for Michael's dedicated Global Fan Base to truly "Step Up All of Our Efforts to Heal The World" at all costs. We Invite the entire World to be a part of our "Jackson's World Peace Movement!"

MJ The Evolution is One Of the Best MJ Tribute Shows Ever!

Sponsors, Advertisers & Investors are always concerned about Social Media Numbers, Market Penetration & Global Branding of projects such as MJ The Evolution & Legacy of the Legend. Sponsors matter which is why there needs to be entitlements on any financial commitment. Fortunately the Jackson Family Brand is a "Household Name" thats made Billions of Global Impressions & Billions of Dollars" over a 50 year historic legacy. That is why we are proud to Invite the Entire World to Join Us!

Michael Knight - MJ The Evolution "LEAD MJ Impersonator"

Michael Knight is considered to be one of the worlds best Michael Jackson impersonators ever. Audiences from around the world are simply amazed by his talent. He looks, dances & sings very much like Michael Jackson. For MJ The Evolution, Michael Knight auditioned for and was chosen to cover Michael Jackson's career from Billie Jean to Smooth Criminal. If you never had a chance to see Michael Jackson in concert, you need to see Michael Knight live. He is considered to be the next best thing.    


Daniel is considered one the worlds best Michael Jackson impersonators. His looks, style & moves are undeniably The King of Pop.  Audiences from around the world  have celebrated Daniel as a MJ performer capable of delivering the goods with spot on performances. Daniel auditioned & was then cast to cover Michael Jackson from Off The Wall to Thriller in the critically acclaimed MJ the Evolution Show. Danial is by far one of the most convincing Michael Jackson performing artist in the World today.  



Be a Part of Our Ongoing Nonstop Michael Jackson Fans Global Tribute

When the Jackson 5 exploded on the scene with their December 18th, 1969, "Diana Ross Presents the Jackson 5" album , the world would never be the same. Their debut album sold over 6,000,000 copies and captured the hearts and imagination of the entire planet. Michael Jackson immediately became the hearthrob for an entire generation of girls and women of all ages and cultures with his amazing vocal performaces and dance moves. Fifty years later MJ is still considered the greatest performer of all times! The Jackson Family Foundation is proud to help unify the World around Michael's Global Peace, Love & Unity Mission with our JFF Global Partnership. We are currently working on the development of our Jackson Family Foundation World Peace Movement and our Jackson Family Foundation World Peace Covenant. We invite you to join us and Help Build Peace! 

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Since Michael's June 25th, 2009 Acension and Joseph & Katherine Jackson's formation of the "Jackson Family Foundation", we have created and/or co-created countless unifying events all over the World. Visit our Official Site and share your Memories of Michael, his Videos, Art Work, Photos & Ideas on Healing the World.   

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